How to use blogging and forum posting to get targeted traffic

traffic-generationEven though blogs and forums are different from each other, there is one thing they have in common. They are both interactive and allow visitors to post comments on them, which is why they are excellent tool for driving traffic.

Hundreds, if not thousands of new blogs are started every day. Their creators use them to share industry specific information about their brand, products and services. The key to success with this method of traffic generation is in the links.

While it is customary to include links at the bottom of your posts, much like a bio box in article marketing, you can also add links to the body of your text. This is referred to as contextual linking. Most blogging platforms have WYSIWYG editors that make adding links to specific keywords within your text extremely easy.

It’s not necessary for you to have your own blog to drive traffic through them. You can offer to be a guest blogger for someone else’s blog or simply find blogs related to your target audience and leave relevant and informative comments on their existing posts, with a mention of your business and when possible link back to your website.

If you do decide that you want to start your own blog there are a few options available including:

– Blogger (
– Type Pad (
– Square Space (
– WordPress (

WordPress is one of the most popular and flexible blogging platforms available. It allows you to set up your blog on their hosted site at or install their software on your own domain for seamless integration into your business.

There are also other options available like Hubpages and Squidoo where you can also post content designed to drive traffic to your website.

Forums follow a similar principle. For this method to work you have to follow threads and join in on the conversation.  Another nice thing about using this method is that you can find online forms related to almost any topic you desire which makes it much easier to target your audience. Simply search online and you should find several available in your niche.

– For instance if you have products related to “bass fishing” you could search for “bass fishing forum.”

Forums often yield better results than blogs because they already have members that are usually very passionate about the topics discussed, which makes them predisposed to products and services in the marketplace