How to Make Money with PLR

Private labelThere are a wide variety of ways to make money with PLR products, both directly and indirectly.

The thing with PLR products is to get creative in how you reuse them.  Hopefully the following examples will get your creative juices flowing!

Profiting Directly From PLR

Profiting directly from PLR is when your PLR product directly sends money into either your PayPal or bank account.  It sounds simple and obvious to resell your PLR purchase to other people, making the purchase pay for itself over and over again.  Although a great idea, and in some cases it can be done, many of the more reputable PLR sources don’t allow you to resell your PLR purchases, so what can you do to profit directly when the obvious isn’t allowed?

Although reselling the PLR product you’ve just bought as it is is often not allowed, editing it and adding your own details IS allowed and encouraged.  Once you’ve edited the product in order to create a unique product for yourself you need to decide on the rights you are going to sell with it.  You may decide to sell personal rights to the product for $x and as an upsell sell the resell rights for $x+y.

If you’ve bought a PLR article pack, then you could easily add the articles together into one product, edit the content, adding your details and new graphics and sell it as a report, same goes for buying report and ebook PLR products.

Before selling your product in this format, it’s always good to look at ways to indirectly profit from your PLR purchase to maximise the income streams you can create from your purchase.

Profiting Indirectly From PLR

It is very easy to profit indirectly when you use PLR products whether using it as promotional tools for the products and services that you sell or by embedding affiliate links within the content when referring to a third party product or service.

Many internet marketers buy product review PLR packs where each article is a review of a particular product that they then add to their blog, web 2.0 websites or article directories with an affiliate link to the product so if anyone clicks on the link, they get paid.  This is a great example of profiting indirectly from PLR.

Using your PLR articles and submitting them to other websites to gain backlinks to your “money” website is another indirect way to profit as the more backlinks you have, the better your search engine rankings should be.
Making Money With PLR Articles

There are more people who know about PLR products than actually use them and by capitalizing on this you can use this to your advantage.  PLR has had a bad reputation for providing content with spelling and grammar mistakes, also one of the biggest problems was that when reading it, it didn’t make sense half the time.  Yes these product still exist however there are many more reputable PLR writers out there that you CAN rely on for accuracy as well as being affordable.

There have been several examples of how to make money from PLR articles:

  1. Spin the article and submit it to article directories and web 2.0 websites to gain backlinks to your website and profit indirectly from the articles.
  2. Add affiliate links to your articles and rather than send visitors who click your links directly to the affiliate offer, send them to a landing page to get a free report, which leads us to number 3…
  3. Take PLR articles on the same subject and create a free report to giveaway and use to build up your mailing list.  Remember to add affiliate links where appropriate AND links back to your website(s) and other products/services.
  4. Create a report to giveaway to your existing mailing list to thank them for staying as a subscriber.
  5. Add the PLR article to your website to build up your content.
  6. Turn your article into a video
  7. Record the article as an audio.