Best Deal YouTube Tutorials

tubetutorialIf you’re not utilizing YouTube at this stage you’re seriously missing out on a ton of unused free traffic and essentially leaving money on the table.

According to Wikipedia, YouTube is the 3rd most popular site after Google and Facebook so if you’re in any of the major niches such as health, wealth and relationships, then every day that goes by is an opportunity to get fresh traffic, gain new leads and generate more sales.

The problem is many marketers avoid YouTube altogether because they fear the technical aspects or believe that they have to make excellent face to face presentations to make it work. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Once you know the tricks of the trade you’ll realize how powerful YouTube can be and you’ll wonder why you didn’t add it to your arsenal earlier!

Here’s a full list of the training you can get your hands on…

1. How to Create a YouTube Channel
2. How to Upload a Video to YouTube
3. How to Change YouTube Channel Name
4. How to Edit Your YouTube Bio
5. How to Edit Your YouTube Description Box
6. How to Change Your YouTube Background
7. How to Change Your YouTube Thumbnails
8. How to Add Custom Thumbnails
9. How to Create a YouTube Playlist
10. How to Share Video Files

11. How to Delete or Hide Your Videos
12. Best Screen Capture Tools
13. Importance of Proper YouTube SEO
14. The First Few Minutes of Your Video
15. How to Optimize Your Title
16. How to Optimize Channel Keywords
17. How to Optimize Video Page Keywords
18. How to Keyboard Copy and Paste Trick
19. How to Create YouTube Annotations
20. How to Managing Comments

21. How to Quickly Do Video Commenting
22. How to How to Manage Negative Comments
23. How to Manage Different YouTube Channels
24. How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings
25. Making it Get your YouTube’s to Page 1 on Google
26. Sneaky Little Trick to be at the Top of Search
27. Submitting to Top 3 Search Engines
28. How to Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes
29. Video SEO File Name
30. The Ninja Video Commenting System

31. Leveraging Traffic from the Big Names on YouTube
32. How to Insert YouTube Video into Email
33. Lower Third YouTube Banners
34. Suggested Videos Options for YouTube Videos
35. How to Turn a Article into a Video
36. How to Turn MP3 into a Video for Promotion
37. How to Upload a YouTube Video to WordPress
38. Tumblr and YouTube Basic Setup
39. How to Use Tumblr Imagesfor YouTube
40. Tumblr and MP3 Marketing

41. Tumblr and YouTube Videos Explained
42. The New MySpace Overview for YouTube’s
43. Audio and the New MySpace Marketing
44. How to Edit a MySpace Video and YouTube
45. How to Use YouTube on Facebook
46. How to Use Facebook Fanpages and YouTube
47. How to Use the Involver Facebook App
48. How to Use YouTube on Google+
49. How to Use YouTube on LinkedIn
50. How to Use YouTube on Twitter

51. How to Use Using YouTube on Pinterest
52. How to Use Hootsuite and YouTube
53. How to Use Using Squidoo and YouTube
54. How to How to Monetize Your Videos
55. Using the New YouTube Channel Template
56. How to Use YouTube and Squidoo
57. How to use YouTube and Tumblr
58. How to Use Google Hangouts and YouTube
59. 2013 How to Use YouTube Analytics Overview
60. How to Set the Safety YouTube Settings

61. How to Use the Share Your Video Feature
62. Overview of YouTube Video Stats Function
63. How to Use YouTube’s Transcript Service
64. How to Do A YouTube Video Call

plus several more…

Yes that’s over 65 concise videos that show you what to do and how to do it.

Whenever you come across a technical block with your business, you can refer back to these videos at any time to help you complete almost any YouTube related task.